LinkedIn Profiles for Social Business Success

Over recent years, LinkedIn has had a significant impact on the manner in which social businesses extend their profile to a larger client base. Unlike in the previous years where the majority of social enterprises personalities solely relied on business cards and resumes, to reach out to a limited client base, the LinkedIn platform has come with a paradigm shift in the whole social business realm. A profile is an essential part of LinkedIn to help reach out to millions of people looking searching for skills, professional knowledge, jobs and even creating a network of friends. Since the number of people using the LinkedIn services has over the years steadily increased, it is imperative that one’s profile stands out to be unique and illustrate a level of proficiency. For this reason, it essential to fathom the possible ways of creating a pattern that will be able to contribute to social business success. Herein are some of the critical elements to take into consideration to create an appealing profile on LinkedIn.



First, the LinkedIn professional headline is a factor to take keen consideration in drafting. The headline is the very first element in a profile that potential network of the visitor to a profilehave a glance at. For this reason, it ought to be professional and at the same time indicate the skills that one is offering. The headline is also important in guiding the visitor to your profile on the background that provides the scope of your business (Verdonck, 2018).  In a situation where the potential clients are browsing through the LinkedIn profile, it becomes one of the very first things to look at this, when it indicates relevance, in the type of services or even products one is dealing with the easier it is for the person to hire the skills or business.

Apart from the headline, the experience is a vital element in the profile, and the clients are continually looking for people in the business that have accrued a vast level of experience in the type of business they do. Consequently, a profile which indicates that one has a rich concentration of experience will inevitably attract more clients. Thus, it is imperative to always include the level of experience as part and parcel of the LinkedIn profile.

Another vital component of the profile that is very vital is the level of education. Educational level corroborates the services that one does. Moreover, a majority of the people on the LinkedIn network are professional thus they would be looking forward to hiring people of the same caliber to work for them. Additionally, it would be better if the educational scope therein in the profile has the relevance with that the clients are looking for. Contrary to profilesthat do not indicate the line of education or range of the knowledge that is in tandem with the services that one is looking for, a complete profile with the categorical credentials in education will sale one’s profileaptly (Verdonck, 2018).

There are many things that I learned from the findings on how LinkedIn profiles can contribute to the success of the social business. One of the things I learned from Bert Verndock ’s a LinkedIn expert is that making the profile appealing is very vital. For this reason, I will upgrade the look of my LinkedIn profile by adding hyperlinks that will direct the visitors on my profile on the previous projects completed. Additionally, images are an integral part of the process of making the pattern look more appealing to potential friends on LinkedIn. Imagesalso support the claim of services on the profile, hence, I will add new Images to the services that I was offering on my profile.



Apart from the images, contact information ought to appear first and foremost on the profile to give the clients easy and quick access to your location and get to share into details the services offered. Before reading Bert Verndock’s works and viewing his tutorials on from LinkedIn, I had no idea on the extent it was important to indicate all my contact information on the profile until I started receiving more people on profile looking for more information on the type of services and skills I have.

In conclusion, an appealing LinkedIn profile can become the secret to the success of social business. Ensuring that all the vital elements such as contact information, levels of experience, and education background are indicatedon the profile is an integral part of making a vibrant and attractive profile. Moreover,the worldhas turned into a global village thus many people can connect via platforms such as LinkedIn hence increasing the network of professional friends and clients in the business. As a result of learning from the effectiveness of a good profile, I am going to employ the knowledge in improving my current profileto a better and more appealing to people visiting it.


Verdonck, B. (Producer). (2018). LinkedIn Profiles for Social Business Success[Tuitorials]. Retrieved November 19, 2018, from

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