Content Marketing Foundations

Content marketing can be one of the most challenging process to comprehend. This happens because of the unpredictable nature of the targeted audience, in regard to their experience and the type of business (Rothman, 2017).  In this case, it is advisable for any person to create valuable, relevant content; which can easily attract, acquire, and engage their targeted audience.

In today’s digital marketing, every business needs content marketing to identify the needs of the consumers and their views regarding existing products. This calls for a unique way of content marketing since every customer gets access to information regarding different products on social media. Thus, leading to equal attention scarcity. Owing to the aspect of equal attention scarcity, content marketing should appeal to the individual’s consumer habits. This gives the off a wide range of selection with a keen focus on the best information about a product.



Nine out of ten people who shared blogs during the process of the interview were later absorbed in various positions owing to their content marketing (Rothman, 2017). In this regard, their marketing strategies were relevant and helped make them prospects in the eyes of employers. Besides, their blogs were based on the interaction with the buyers and showing a continuous story about customers, and products. This allowed the organization to engage more customers, due to an increased impact of their content marketing foundation on products.

In conclusion, good content marketing plans are drawn from marketing research that identifies the unique attributes of the business, the demand for the goods, services, the customers’ preferences, and any other features of the market (Rothman, 2017). The objective of content marketing is to ensure that the business designs a marketing approach that resonates well with the features of the target market.


Rothman, Dayna. (2015, May 7).  “Content Marketing Foundations.” – from LinkedIn

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