Marketing Copywriting

Marketing is one of the most important functions of a business, as it must be appealing to customers. The video discusses how copywriting can be used to sell brands and increase a company’s market share (Lurie, 2014). Marketing campaigns can take advantage of different forms of copywriting to save costs. In addition, the video outlines the benefits that organizations reap when they draft on paper (Lurie, 2014). Visibility with regards to copywriting can encourage workers to provide valuable input to the process. Minor changes to designs and concepts can be made when copy is drafted on paper. It is easier for organizations to print different concepts and share them with multiple teams.

The video highlights general rules governing the art of copywriting. For instance, the organization’s goals and objectives define the nature of copywriting. The marketing strategy can be modified to cater for economic factors. Headlines must be written in a manner that captures the audience’s attention (Lurie, 2014). The content of the headline should also be sufficient and comprehensive to ensure better communication. The video also provides suggestions on how the page can be sold to organizational stakeholders.

It may be necessary to rewrite the copy for the sake of various platforms and outlets (Lurie, 2014). For example, social media campaigns are marketed differently to those held on mass media platforms. Copywriting should utilize flexible mechanisms that can be adjusted to fit changing circumstances. Typography must be used effectively to create visual appeal and lead to more sales (Lurie, 2014). The video discusses factors that should be considered when managing copyediting teams. In this regard, a regular brand voice will ensure consistency in marketing campaigns. Different teams of copywriters have unique requirements that should be fulfilled. Therefore, organizations are able to reap the full benefits of marketing copywriting.

The definition of copywriting “is the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing.” Throughout this video you learn the importance of copywriting and what it can do for a business when properly done. Marketing is something that can make or break a business. If a solid foundation is not created, that can have a major effect on a business’s success in the future. Learning how to write copy helps create a stable platform to sell and share a company’s story.



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